MS-909H – Main Bearings, SBC, 350 Main, Set of 5

MS-909H – Main Bearings, SBC, 350 Main, Set of 5


Main Bearings, H Series, 1/2 Groove, Tri Metal, Small Block Chevy, 350 Main, Set of 5

Part Number:  MS-909H-Main-Bearings

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Bearing Usage:  Performance
Grooved Bearing:  Yes
Groove Location:  Upper
Groove Style:  1/2
Bearing Material:  Tri-Metal, TM-77

Additional information

Non-Coated or Coated

Non-Coated, Coated

Main Bearing Size

MS-909H (STD Size), MS-909H-1 (.001" Undersize), MS-909H-10 (.010" Undersize), MS-909H-20 (.020" Undersize), MS-909H-21 (.021" Undersize), MS-909HX (STD Size, Extra Oil Clearance), MS-909H-C (STD Size), MS-909H-1-C (.001" Undersize), MS-909H-10-C (.010" Undersize), MS-909H-20-C (.020" Undersize), MS-909H-21-C (.021" Undersize), MS-909HX-C (STD Size, Extra Oil Clearance)


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