Cylinder Head

  • Mullins Race Engines Dart USRA/IMCA Stockcar Heads *FULLY MACHINED BARE CASTINGS
    Mullins Race Engines Dart USRA/IMCA Stockcar Heads *FULLY MACHINED & ASSEMBLED
    We use this head in multiple sanctioning bodies and in multiple classes.  We prefer the dart casting over the other options in these series allow.  We take it and apply our high quality workmanship.  This includes a valve job that flows well and is concentric for a good valve seal.  All the machined surfaces get ran across our machining centers to give you a high quality product.  These heads are mass produced and we take nothing for granite.
    These heads are used on USMTS/USRA sanctioned tracks.  It is very limited to what work can be done to keep this head legal.  We are able to take full advantage of what the rules allow with our newen valve seat machining center.  We are able to optimize the flow, keep the head legal, and obtain the best valve seal.  We also angle mill the heads then correction machine the intake flange so a standard manifold can be bolted on.  All of this work is done in CNC machines so everything fits and matches up 100%.  Matching this workmanship with the parts quality we use produces a great product!
  • MRE LS7 Heads
    These Heads are used on our LS7 Engines.  Both are used in Latemodel and NE MOD Type Racing.  We noticed a couple things early on working with the LS Platform on circle track engines.  All the available heads were to big runner wise.  They were all made for drag racing or any other form of racing.  The 2nd thing was the water was not correct which would cause overheating.  Once we figured this out, then we knew we had to design our own head.  This head turned out great, Makes awesome power, & drives good.  We also got the engines running cooler.  If you are building an LS Platform Oval Track Engine, I highly recommend these.  It will save you a bunch of headaches.
  • Aluminum 13° MOD Heads
    We designed these heads to give us an engine that drives similar to our 23° packages but simply makes more power and torque.  We keep the driveability the same by keeping the cross sectional area of the head similar to our 23° Outlaw.  With the head having a better port shape and many other advantages, it gives us the boost in power.
  • Aluminum 13° Latemodel Heads
    This Head is used in wide variety of racing.  Its a powerhouse that has great driveability.  The intake runner is quite a bit bigger than our 13 MOD head, which allows it to make more peak power and to run up higher in the powerband.  We use these heads in steel block and open latemodel racing as well as NE MODS on 415 to 434 Cubic Inch Engines.


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