Mullins Race Engines 415 – 13 Degree MOD Engine

Mullins Race Engines 415 – 13 Degree MOD Engine


415 – 13° MOD ENGINES
We designed the 13 degree engine for one thing in mind… Basically a “more powerful” engine option over our open 23 degree. If your a team that consistently races on bigger tracks and feel your at a power disadvantage with the 23, this is a perfect option for you. We designed the head around dirt modified racing so the intake port cross sectional area resembles the Outlaw head. We did this so it had the same drivability characteristics. These engines are smooth to drive but I will say that more torque and power is harder to get tractioned up over less torque and power.
Unfortunately these engines have gotten more expensive, Edelbrock quit making the cast manifold so we have to make a billet one. The billet manifold is a lot nicer and lighter but it does add to the expense of this engine. We really only build this engine with the higher end upgrades. This only makes sense with the power level it makes and knowing that guys are buying it to run on bigger tracks.

415 Cubic Inch Oil Systems Option

Additional 415 Cubic Inch Options

Product price: $31,208.15
Total options:
Order total:

Pay a deposit $2,000.00

$2,000 Deposit Required to begin production
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$2000 Deposit Required to Start Engine Build

Remaining Balance Due Via ACH When Engine Build is Complete


415 – 13 Degree MOD Engine Parts:
31161212 – Dart SHP PRO Cast Iron Bare Block, 9.025″ Deck Height X 4.125″ Diameter Bore, 2-Piece Rear Main Seal, Small Block Chevy, Fully Machined
32000030 – SBC SHP Block Parts Kit – No Cam Bearings
TLA 5020 Z – IKO 50MM Needle Roller Cam Bearing Set
32540050 – Rear Cam Plug 50MM
SAM-14A-MG – Callies Magnum Crankshaft 3.875 X 2.000 X 350 Main
BC20-60071 – CP Carrillo Bullet Connecting Rods 6.000″ Length X 2.000″ Rod Journal, .927 Wrist Pin, Set of 8
930193335 – Mahle SBC 1.062 Compression Height x 4.135 Bore 13 Degree Piston Set – Rings Not Included
4140MS-112 – Mahle Piston Ring Set, 4.135 +.005″, 1.0, 1.0, 2.0MM File Fillet
MS-909H-C – Main Bearings, H Series, 1/2 Groove, Standard Size, Tri Metal, Coated, Chevy, Small Block, Set of 5
CB-745HN – 2.000″ Journal Clevite Rod Bearing, H-Series, Standard Size, Tri Metal, Small Block Chevy, Set
9-3100A – Cloyes Hex-A-Just Timing Set
9-221 – Cloyes Timing Cover, 2-Piece, Adjustable Cam Button, Aluminum, Natural, Small Block Chevy, Non-Factory Roller
RC-50-4-903 – Roller Camshaft, Small Block Chevy, 50MM
ATI917781 – ATI Harmonic Balancer, Super Damper, Internal Balance, Steel, Black, Small Block Chevy
XTS16375 – Xceldyne SBC Timing Pointer Kit
B-2004-16 – BAM SBC .904″ OD Needle Roller Lifters Offset B-2004 Series
MRE-13MODMLSGK – Mullins Race Engines 13 Degree MOD Gasket Kit With Multi-Layer Steel Head Gaskets
MRE-13HSK – 13 Degree Head Stud Kit
T8551657 – Trend 8.550″ Length .165″ Wall 7/16 Diameter X 16
MRE-13MCS2H – 13 Degree Modified Head Stage 2
2126-0720 – T&D Machine Products Rocker Arm Shaft System – Brodix 13 Degree Head With Spring Oil Hole
MRE-13MODILO – 13 MOD Billet Intake Manifold
BR VP-1C – Brodix Valley Tray – Lightened
MRE-13DMODCCSK – 13 Modified Complete Bolt/Stud Kit
39-11901 – Quart – Maxima Break In Oil 15W50 – Per Quart X 10
1061 – NAPA Gold Oil Filter
NGK R5671A-9 – NGK Spark Plug, NGK Racing, 14 mm Thread, 0.749 in Reach, Gasket Seat, Stock Number 5238, Non-Resistor – Set
Fuel – Race Fuel to Dyno Engine
ALL10123 – Allstar Engine Lift Plate, 3/16 Inch Thick, Steel, Zinc Oxide, Spread/Square Bore Carb Flange
Wet Sump Engine:
WS350KA – Dan Olson Racing Products Aluminum Wet Sump Oil Pan 7 1/8″ Deep
10555ST – Melling High Performance, High Volume, High Pressure, Billet Steel Oil Pump With Gasket
ARP230-7001 – ARP Oil Pump Fasteners, Standard Pump, Studs, Hex Head, Chromoly, Black Oxide
MOR23775 – Moroso Oil Filter Adapter, Bypass Eliminator, Billet Aluminum, Kit
MRE-ODBK – Mullins Race Engines Oil Drain Back Kit
SBC Chevy Valve Covers – Wet Sump – SBC Valve Covers – Wet Sump Includes Hardware and Sticker Kit
ALL90072 – Allstar Performance Oil Restrictors, .0850 Inch Orifice Size, 1/4 Inch NPT Thread
Dry Sump Engine:
DS350ADT-12 – Dan Olson Racing Products SBC Standard Pan Rail Late Model Dry Sump Oil Pan With #12 Fitting
MOR23790 – Moroso Oil Pump Block-Off Plates
MOR23782 – Oil Filter Adapter, Bypass, Bolt-On, 10 AN Female Inlet, 10 AN Female Outlet, Billet Aluminum, Black Anodize, Chevy V8, Kit
495108-BL – Fitting, Adapter, Straight, 12 AN Male to 10 AN Male O-Ring, Aluminum, Black Anodized, Each
481312-BL – Fitting, Plug, 12 AN, O-Ring, Allen Head, Aluminum, Black Anodized, Each
MRE-Valley Scavenge – Valley Scavenge for 5th Stage
Center Alum Tray – Center Tray
SBC Chevy Valve Covers – Dry Sump – SBC Valve Covers – Dry Sump Includes Hardware and Sticker Kit
9288283 – Mahle Pin .927″ X 2.288″ X .168″ Wall Chamfered 128 Grams Heavy Duty DLC COATED


Horsepower and Torque on Race Fuel:

415 Cubic Inch:


Spark Plugs Requirements:

NGK R5671A-9 Gapped at .035

Fuel Recommendation:

VP or Sunoco 112

Oil Recommendation:

Maxima 20W/50 – Change Oil Every 5 Nights

Oil Capacity:

Approximately  9 Quarts **No Oil Cooler**

Approximately 10 Quarts **With Oil Cooler**

Laps Before Freshening:

Normal Conditions 1500-1800 Laps

Lash Settings:

.016 – .016 Hot or .012 – .012 Cold

Set or Check Valves Every 5-8 nights


31 degrees @ 5000 rpm

Additional information

Weight 450 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 24 in


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