Mullins Race Engines IMCA – USRA Stockcar Base Engine

Mullins Race Engines IMCA – USRA Stockcar Base Engine


These engines are very limited but we have figured out what is the better combination of parts for reliability and performance. The quality of our work really sets us apart on these type of engines. Our machining quality, assembly detail, and parts selection is 2nd to none!

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Product price: $14,659.43
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Pay a deposit $2,000.00

$2,000 Deposit Required to begin production


$2000 Deposit Required to Start Engine Build

Remaining Balance Due Via ACH When Engine Build is Complete


MRE – GM BLOCK -CNC Machined GM Block (IMCA)
31161111 – Dart SHP Cast Iron Bare Block, 9.025″ Deck X 4.000″ Bore X 350 Main, SBC (USRA)
32000030 – SBC SHP Block Parts Kit – No Cam Bearings
CHP-8 – Durabond Camshaft Bearing, HP Series, STD Journal, GM BLOCKS (IMCA)
DT-1T – Durabond Camshaft Bearing, Bi-Metal, Race Only, Dart Little M Block, Small Block Chevy, Set of 5 (USRA)
ALL90072 – Allstar Performance Oil Restrictors, .0850 Inch Orifice Size, 1/4 Inch NPT Thread
190310 – Manley Crankshaft, Internal Balance, Forged 4340 Steel, 3.480″ Stroke X 2.100″ Pins X 350 Main
2-ICR5700 – Scat Engine Components Connecting Rods, 4340, I-Beam, 5.700″ Length X 2.100″ Rod Journals
930202530 – Mahle SBC 1.550 X 4.030 H/O 2 Barrel Piston Set
MS-909H-C – Main Bearings, H Series, 1/2 Groove, Standard Size, Tri Metal, Coated, Chevy, Small Block, Set of 5
CB-663HN – 2.100″ Journal Clevite Rod Bearing, H-Series, Standard Size, Tri Metal, Small Block Chevy, Set
9-3100A – Cloyes Hex-A-Just Timing Set
PRC9501 – Timing Cover, 1-Piece, Steel, Black Paint, SBC
FC-SBC-5-2 Barrel – Flat Tappet Cam, SBC, 2 Barrel
842-350 LPF – .842 Precision Products Tool Steel Flat Tappet, Polished Foot, Lifters, Set of 16
1092 ISP-2 – Kevko 1092 IMCA Racing Engine Oil Pan, Chevy Sportsman 2-Piece Pan With Inspection Hole
10552ST – Melling Oil Pump, Wet Sump, High Volume, High Pressure, 3/4″ Inlet
1003SB – Champ .750″ Inlet Tube, 7.000″ Deep, Oil Pump Pickup Screen
ARP230-7001 – Oil Pump Fasteners, STD Pump
ALL92000 – Allstar Oil Filter Adapter, Bypass, 13/16-16, Center Thread
PBBPB1012-SS – Powerbond Harmonic Balancer, Race Lightweight, 6.110″ OD, SFI 18:1, Steel, Internal Balance
ALL90023 – Timing Pointer, Adjustable, Stainless Hardware, 6 1/4″ OD
MRE-SM/BMGK – MRE Sportmod Gasket Kit
MRE-DUSRA/IMCA-SAH – Dart USRA/IMCA Stockcar Cylinder Heads, 71cc1 7/16″ Rockers, 2.02/1.600 Valves 
ARP134-3701 – ARP Head Bolt Kit, SBC
7372-16 – Comp Cams 7.800″ Length, .080″ Wall, 5/16″ Diameter, Push Rod Set
1601-16 – Rocker Arm, Ultra Pro Magnum 3/8″ Stud Mount, 1.52 Ratio, Roller Tip, Chromoly, SBC, Set of 16 (IMCA)
SPN 1001 – Scorpion Rocker Arm, Race Series, 7/16″ Stud Mount, 1.50 Ratio, Full Roller, Blue Anodize Aluminum, SBC, Set of 16 (USRA)
2701 – Edelbrock Intake Manifold, Performer EPS, Dual Plane, Square Bore, SBC
MRE-SBVC2023 – Sportmod Valve Covers
MRE-SMBMECBSK – Sportmod Complete Bolt Kit
39-11901 – Quart – Maxima Break In Oil 15W50 – Per Quart X 10
1061 – NAPA Gold Oil Filter
NGK R5673-8 – NGK Spark Plug, NGK Racing, 14 mm Thread, 11 mm Reach, Tapered Seat, Non-Resistor – Set
Fuel – Race Fuel to Dyno Engine
ALL10123 – Allstar Engine Lift Plate, 3/16 Inch Thick, Steel, Zinc Oxide, Spread/Square Bore Carb Flange
These engines are very similar so we categorized them as the same with the differences listed.


Horse Power and Torque on Race Fuel:

440/425 – If Someone Says They Make More… They Are Either Lying Or Cheating

Spark Plugs Requirements:

NGK R5673-8 gapped at .035

Fuel Recommendation:

VP or Sunoco 110 & 93 Pump Gas Mixed 50/50

Oil Recommendation:

Maxima 20W/50 Semi-Synthetic – change oil every 5 nights

Oil Capacity:

Approximately  8 Quarts With Filter

Laps Before Freshening:

Normal Conditions 2000 Laps

Lash Settings:

016 – .016 Hot

Set or Check Valves every 5-8 nights


34 degrees @ 5000 rpm

Additional information

Weight 450 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 24 in
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