Mullins Race Engines – 13 Degree NE MOD Engine

Mullins Race Engines – 13 Degree NE MOD Engine


These (2) engines are designed around NE modified racing. We offer 2 cubic inches and they both have pro’s and con’s to weigh out.
Were able to use a Dart SHP block on the 415 version. This gives us a lighter package overall. If no lightning work is done, there is approximately 25lbs difference between it and the 430.
We have to use a Dart Little M2 block on the 430. With the extra stroke, we need to use a raised cam block to gain rod to cam clearance especially with us utilizing a 50mm roller cam bearing package. The 430 engine will have added torque and horsepower over the 415 but is at a slight weight disadvantage.

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Pay a deposit $2,000.00

$2,000 Deposit Required to begin production
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$2000 Deposit Required to Start Engine Build

Remaining Balance Due Via ACH When Engine Build is Complete


13 Degree NE MOD Engine Parts:
31161212 – Dart SHP PRO Cast Iron Bare Block, 9.025″ Deck Height X 4.125″ Diameter Bore,350 Main, Fully Machined (415 Cubic Inch)
31181215 – Dart Little M2 Cast Iron Bare Block, 9.065″ Deck Height X 4.125″ Diameter Bore, 350 Main *Raised Cam*, Fully Machined (430 Cubic Inch)
32000030 – SBC SHP Block Parts Kit – No Cam Bearings (415 Cubic Inch)
TLA 5020 Z – IKO 50MM Needle Roller Cam Bearing Set
32540050 – Rear Cam Plug 50MM
U14136 – Callies Ultra I-Beam Connecting Rods, 6.000″ Length X 2.000″ Rod Journal, .927 Wrist Pin, Set of 8
930193335 – Mahle SBC 1.062 Compression Height x 4.135 Bore 13 Degree Piston Set – Rings Not Included
4140MS-112 – Mahle Piston Ring Set, 4.135 +.005″, 1.0, 1.0, 2.0MM File Fillet
MS-909H-C – Main Bearings, H Series, 1/2 Groove, Standard Size, Tri Metal, Coated, Chevy, Small Block, Set of 5
CB-745HN – 2.000″ Journal Clevite Rod Bearing, H-Series, Standard Size, Tri Metal, Small Block Chevy, Set
RC-50-4-903 – Roller Camshaft, Small Block Chevy, 50MM
9-3100A – Cloyes Hex-A-Just Timing Set
9-221 – Cloyes Timing Cover, 2-Piece, Adjustable Cam Button, Aluminum, Natural, Small Block Chevy, Non-Factory Roller
ATI917781 – ATI Harmonic Balancer, Super Damper, Internal Balance, Steel, Black, Small Block Chevy
XTS16375 – Xceldyne SBC Timing Pointer Kit
B-2004-16 – BAM SBC .904″ OD Needle Roller Lifters Offset B-2004 Series
MRE-13LMMLSGK – Mullins Race Engines 13 Degree Latemodel Gasket Kit With Multi-Layer Steel Head Gaskets
MRE-13HSK – 13 Degree Head Stud Kit
T8551657 – Trend 8.550″ Length .165″ Wall 7/16 Diameter X 16
MRE-13LMH – 13 Degree Latemodel Head
2126-0720 – T&D Machine Products Rocker Arm Shaft System – Brodix 13 Degree Head With Spring Oil Hole
MRE-13LMIM – 13 Latemodel Billet Intake Manifold
BR VP-1C – Brodix Valley Tray – Lightened
MRE-13DLMCCSK – 13 Latemodel Complete Bolt/Stud Kit
39-11901 – Quart – Maxima Break In Oil 15W50 – Per Quart X 10
1061 – NAPA Gold Oil Filter
NGK R5671A-9 – NGK Spark Plug, NGK Racing, 14 mm Thread, 0.749 in Reach, Gasket Seat, Stock Number 5238, Non-Resistor – Set
Fuel – Race Fuel to Dyno Engine
ALL10123 – Allstar Engine Lift Plate, 3/16 Inch Thick, Steel, Zinc Oxide, Spread/Square Bore Carb Flange
Wet Sump Engine:
WS350KA – Dan Olson Racing Products Aluminum Wet Sump Oil Pan 7 1/8″ Deep
10555ST – Melling High Performance, High Volume, High Pressure, Billet Steel Oil Pump With Gasket
ARP230-7001 – ARP Oil Pump Fasteners, Standard Pump, Studs, Hex Head, Chromoly, Black Oxide
MOR23775 – Moroso Oil Filter Adapter, Bypass Eliminator, Billet Aluminum, Kit
MRE-ODBK – Mullins Race Engines Oil Drain Back Kit
SBC Chevy Valve Covers – Wet Sump – SBC Valve Covers – Wet Sump Includes Hardware and Sticker Kit
ALL90072 – Allstar Performance Oil Restrictors, .0850 Inch Orifice Size, 1/4 Inch NPT Thread
Dry Sump Engine:
DS350ADS – Dan Olson Racing Products SBC Standard Pan Rail Late Model Dry Sump Oil Pan
MOR23790 – Moroso Oil Pump Block-Off Plates
MOR23782 – Oil Filter Adapter, Bypass, Bolt-On, 10 AN Female Inlet, 10 AN Female Outlet, Billet Aluminum, Black Anodize, Chevy V8, Kit
495108-BL – Fitting, Adapter, Straight, 12 AN Male to 10 AN Male O-Ring, Aluminum, Black Anodized, Each
481312-BL – Fitting, Plug, 12 AN, O-Ring, Allen Head, Aluminum, Black Anodized, Each
MRE-Valley Scavenge – Valley Scavenge for 5th Stage (415 ONLY)
Center Alum Tray – Center Tray (415 ONLY)
SBC Chevy Valve Covers – Dry Sump – SBC Valve Covers – Dry Sump Includes Hardware and Sticker Kit
9288283 – Mahle Pin .927″ X 2.288″ X .168″ Wall Chamfered 128 Grams Heavy Duty DLC COATED


Horse Power and Torque on Race Fuel:

415 ci:


430 ci Steel Block and Aluminum Engines:


Spark Plug Requirements:

NGK R5671A-9 Gapped at .035

Fuel Recommendation:

VP Late Model Plus

Oil Recommendation:

Maxima Semi-Synthetic – Change Oil Every 5 nights

Oil Capacity:

Wet Sump: Approximately 9 Quarts

Dry Sump: Not Available

Laps Before Freshening:

1200-1500 Laps With a Valve Spring Change Mid Way

Lash Settings:

.016-.016 hot or .003 Cold

Set and Check Valves every 3-5 Nights


30 Degrees @ 5000 RPM

Additional information

Weight 450 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 24 in
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