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    These engines are very limited, but we have figured out what part combination gives you the best performance and reliability.  We are providing the parts combo we are most confident in, this is why we do not have any options to choose from.  We only use AMERICAN made parts where we have the options to do so.
    These engines are very limited but we have figured out what is the better combination of parts for reliability and performance. The quality of our work really sets us apart on these type of engines. Our machining quality, assembly detail, and parts selection is 2nd to none!
    This engine has become a popular build for us.  We really like the rules package.  It allows us to build a very mechanically reliable engine.  We are very confident in the performance our engine delivers, so confident that i would hate to compete against it.  Cheating this package would not give any type of performance gain, so there is really no need to do so.
    This engine was designed for IMCA A-MODS and UMP Type B-MOD Racing.  They are great engines that make approximately 100-135 Horsepower over a 604 crate, depending on which cubic inch you choose.  These engines are also light, we have to compete with the weight of the 604.  The advantages of this engine are that were close on weight, BIG gain on power, and you crank it up to 7800.
    UMP B-MOD guys, this makes a great engine for you as well.  Runs great, super reliable, and its light!!
    We have an IMCA STOCKCAR engine available.  This engine comes as seen in the pictures.  We did a complete freshen and updated this engine as well.  One of the updates was installing our latest camshaft design, and Tool Steel Lifters!
    440 HP-425 TRQ
    Engine Number: 2026
    Head Number: 1613
    We have a LS7 Dirt Latemodel Engine fresh off the dyno.  Engine has been completely freshened and updated.  Engines comes with multiple upgrades including a billet crankshaft!
    860 HP-680 TRQ
    Engine Number: 2276
    Head Number: 1960
    This engine comes complete like seen in the picture including the oil pump.  A carb will be needed for this engine and we have those in stock if needed.  This engine is loaded with all of our upgrades!
    860 HP-680 TRQ
    Engine Number: 2310
    Head Number: 2014
    The MRE USMTS/USRA engine has been a serious competitor in this series for years. We have had multiple drivers pull off national championships. MRE has won the  "Engine Builder" points title for multiple years as well including 2023. We take great pride in this series and strive to have great packages for you to choose between.
    We have two options available between the 415 and 374. This is a very popular question on which way we recommend for someone to go. My experience tells me if you're mainly running big tracks or have more experience with the bigger cubic inch engines, stay with the 415. If you're mainly running bull rings, the 374 is a good option. We have some teams with both and seem to switch back-n-forth. I honestly don't think one is dominant over the other or there is a clear choice on which way to go. This comes down to driver feel and what they need out of the engine.
    The MRE 23 degree open engine has been a work in progress for us for many years in which has yielded great results. We have had great feed back over this time from top drivers to help us tweak and fine tune to produce a great product. What sets this engine apart is our "Outlaw" head package. We are able to make BIG power and keep the driveability. We have worked every avenue of this engine to make it run and drive better with keeping phenomenal reliability. This includes camshaft and rocker design as well as relentless manifold testing.
    Some of the advantages a 23 degree engine has over lower valve angle headed engines is the weight of the engine. These engines are lighter than 18, 15, and 13 degree engines by 20lbs minimum. My thought has always been, if we can produce the power the car needs and get the weight advantage, this is worth pursuing. The driveability of these engines sets it apart as well. The smaller intakes and intake runners really helps from this aspect. Then lastly, they are cheaper to build than these other engines as well.
    These engines work in open UMP type modifieds, NE modifieds, and Steel Block latemodels. We have this settup where you can choose and build what package you need. It gives you all types of options from choosing cubic inch, parts quality, and wet or dry sump.
  • 415 - 13° MOD ENGINES
    We designed the 13 degree engine for one thing in mind... Basically a "more powerful" engine option over our open 23 degree. If your a team that consistently races on bigger tracks and feel your at a power disadvantage with the 23, this is a perfect option for you. We designed the head around dirt modified racing so the intake port cross sectional area resembles the Outlaw head. We did this so it had the same drivability characteristics. These engines are smooth to drive but I will say that more torque and power is harder to get tractioned up over less torque and power.
    Unfortunately these engines have gotten more expensive, Edelbrock quit making the cast manifold so we have to make a billet one. The billet manifold is a lot nicer and lighter but it does add to the expense of this engine. We really only build this engine with the higher end upgrades. This only makes sense with the power level it makes and knowing that guys are buying it to run on bigger tracks.
    We offer 3 different options of the 13 Degree Latemodel.  We have (2) steel block options between a 415 and 430, then an aluminum 430 for the open guys.
    The 415 Degree steel block is for the guys wanting a weight advantage.  These engines are down a bit on power compared to the 430 version but run very well and are approximately 25lbs lighter.
    The 430 is all about the power.  It is at a weight disadvantage but we could lighten the block to make it weight the same as the 415.
    We give you some nice options between the 2 engines then we can offer either one as a wet or dry sump.
    These engines make great power, drive well, and are very reliable.  These make great engines for any regional racer plus they come with a nice price tag.  We can build these engines "NEW" in the 40K range depending on what options you choose.  They also hold their resale value very well.
    These (2) engines are designed around NE modified racing. We offer 2 cubic inches and they both have pro's and con's to weigh out.
    Were able to use a Dart SHP block on the 415 version. This gives us a lighter package overall. If no lightning work is done, there is approximately 25lbs difference between it and the 430.
    We have to use a Dart Little M2 block on the 430. With the extra stroke, we need to use a raised cam block to gain rod to cam clearance especially with us utilizing a 50mm roller cam bearing package. The 430 engine will have added torque and horsepower over the 415 but is at a slight weight disadvantage.
    This engine makes big power and drives smooth!  If you are running on big, wide open tracks this engine would be hard to beat!  We have worked on this program and keep getting it better.  New for 2024, we have added an updated Billet manifold to put more bottom end torque in the engine.  We offer this as a turnkey package *WE ASSUME YOU WILL NEED EVERYTHING*
    The LS7 makes a great engine for a dirt latemodel.  We have made serious strides since we introduced it in 2020.  Our latest changes to the front of the engine makes it the most compact engine available today.  We are 5-6" shorten than a ford, & 2-3" Shorter than a Widebore.  The engine is light as well.  Fully Dressed we are under 345 lbs.  Besides it being light and short, the engine is an absolute Power House!  We have set overall fast time at Lucas Oil Shows on 6 different occasions with regional racers.  That shows the the power is there.  These are on bigger race tracks as well.  With all the latest changes to the cooling side of the engine, we are seeing cooler temps than anything currently on the race track/  We have made strides in the driveability as well.  Our latest Billet Manifold has helped with restarts and taking the surge out of the powercurve on the slick tracks.


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